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Explore the world of rum-making at True Standard Distilling. Our distillery provides a glimpse into the techniques that shape our spirits. Experience the rich aroma of aging rum and witness the care invested in each batch during your visit. Join us for upcoming events to delve even deeper into the process behind our rum.

Guided Distillery Tours

COMING SOON: Join us for a guided tour through the heart of our distillery. Discover the journey of rum production, from fermentation to aging, and witness the meticulous methods we use to perfect each batch.

Premium Experiences

COMING SOON: Join us at True Standard Distilling for the ultimate cocktail experience! Enjoy the best mixed drinks in town, crafted with our rich, exclusive rums—some of which you won’t find anywhere else. Perfect for an after-work unwind or a lively night out, our distillery offers you premium experiences, letting you discover your new favorite rum cocktail.

Get First Dibs on Rums

COMING SOON: Get exclusive access to purchase our limited edition rums. These special releases are a treat for connoisseurs and collectors alike, offering unique flavors and blending techniques that showcase the innovative spirit of True Standard Distilling.

Get a Taste of True Standard

Come explore the exciting world of True Standard Distilling! Soon, you can join us for fun and informative guided tours where you’ll dive into the secrets of our rum-making process. Sip on unique rums and get exclusive access to our limited edition releases. It’s the perfect way to deepen your appreciation for spirits and have a great time doing it!

Planning Your Visit

Visit our cocktail bar

Start your visit at our cocktail bar, where you can relax with innovative drinks designed from our rums (and Vodka). It's the perfect spot to unwind and sample creative concoctions or traditional favorites.

Explore New Rums

Dive into our latest creations. Discover new flavors and profiles from our ever-expanding selection of rums and spirits, and find your new favorite.

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Join us for exciting events throughout the year! Follow us on social media to keep up with news about our latest events.

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Planning an event? Need an event space? Advance booking is recommended to secure our event space. Contact us directly to schedule your event.

Visit True Standard Distilling

Ready to explore the world of rum? Book your event today or check out our upcoming events to join in on community celebrations and special releases.