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Discover The Art of Distilling at True Standard

At True Standard, our enthusiasm for distilling shines through in every batch of rum we produce. Our commitment to excellence drives us to consistently deliver top-notch quality.

We believe that distilling is an art form fueled by this very passion, and our rum stands as a testament to it. Join us on this delightful journey as we blend expert skill and meticulous precision to create not just rum, but an experience. Each batch is a celebration of the fine art of distilling, designed to bring a little more joy into your glass!

our journey starts here

Explore the captivating journey of True Standard Distilling, which began with Brian’s love for rum during a visit to Costa Rica.

Inspired by the craft, Brian’s adventure continued across diverse landscapes—from the tropical beauty of Hawaii to the vibrant communities of Maryland—each place weaving into the fabric of his distilling dreams.

Together with his partner Ashley, they turned passion into reality, establishing a family-run distillery that combines traditional techniques with a modern twist.

Today, True Standard stands as a testament to their dedication, marking the culmination of years of growth, love, and spirited ambition, all distilled into exceptional rum celebrated by connoisseurs and casual enthusiasts alike.

Crafting Rum with Pure Ingredients and Authenticity

At True Standard, we believe in keeping it simple and superb—our rum is all about pure water, sugar, and yeast.

We’re thrilled to share this adventure of flavor with everyone, from rum rookies to seasoned sippers. Rum is more than just a drink for us; it’s our passion, our calling. We dive deep into the world of rum every day, and we hope you’ll find as much delight in discovering its rich, versatile flavors as we do. Whether you’re mixing up your first craft cocktail or savoring a glass neat, we’re sure there’s a True Standard rum just for you.

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